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Online Content Management, Voice-Over, Fashion Model

I have more than seven years of experience in online content moderation for social media and online community forums, social media marketing, voice acting, and copywriting for radio stations, marketing companies, and community organizations.

I have also been featured as a clothing model for fashion magazines.


Coffee-(Death Wish Coffee is my favorite coffee),

Listening to music and attending concerts)- (metal and hard rock are my favorite genres, Top 6 bands: Korn, Rammstein, Alice Cooper, P.O.D., The Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne) ),

Cooking and eating good food- (sushi, Blue Crab, and Filet Mignon are my favorite foods),

Favorite drinks are Coffee, Cherry Coke, Bang Energy Drink- Cotton Candy, Reign Total Body Fuel- Razzle Berry, Monster- Classic Flavor, Hershey's Milk Shake with malt, whip cream and a cherry on top) and Kung Fu Bubble Tea,

Watching sports- (Charlottte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers are my favorite teams. I also enjoy watching the PGA Tour),


Traveling- (places I want to travel to: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago),

Video games: (Nintendo is my favorite video game company)

Collecting film cameras- (I also enjoy shooting with these cameras)

Helping people in anyway I can- (examples: listening to people, encouraging people, giving advice) Professional interests: (Online customer service, clothing modeling, singing in a band.)

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