Valued Partnerships



Social Media/Merch Sales

  • Promote shows on social media

  • Take photographs at the show

  • Sell merchandise at shows using Square Card Reader which works with the Point of Sale App

  • Set up and break down band's equipment at each show

  • Design an distribute flyers advertising each show throughout the Charlotte and Fortmill area


Social Media Assistance

  • Market the podcast, devotional and website through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Created and maintain the UNPACKIN' it Facebook group

  • Contribute to the event marketing of the annual UNPACKIN' it golf tournament

 - Set up promotional material for golf tournament (sign in sheets, business cards, UNPACKIN' it poster)

 -Answer questions attendees have about UNPACKIN' it Ministries


Online Content Moderator

- Moderate an active group of over 14,000 members 
-Accept member requests and help answer questions on the Facebook group.
- Accept/deny posts. 
-Help grow the community through engagement 


Online Content Moderator

-Moderate comments made that LinkedIn believes might be inappropriate or spam. 
-Moderate comments made from the main LinkedIn group and its subgroups
-Make sure all posts adhere to the LinkedIn and Facebook's guidelines for acceptable content 
-Approve new members for the Facebook page -Answer questions members have


Social Media/Voice-Over

  • Promote the radio show through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Provide numerous voice-over work for the show asking for sponsorship requests

  • Voice-Over work resulted in numerous sponsors of the show

  • Offered in studio-assistance

-Turn on the PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2AI Digital Mixer

-Make sure all the correct audio channel on the mixer are on and synced correctly with Adobe Audition

-Start the recording of the show with Adobe Audition



-Post information on animals that have gone missing, have been found, and have returned to their owners.
-Responsible for the Lost Dogs North Carolina and Toronto pages
-Answer questions visitors of the page have
-Answer emails people send regarding questions about the postings
-Make sure found pets have been given to their proper owners
-Average post reach is 1,000 people
-Answer people's questions on Facebook about how to create a poster for a pet that has gone missing or has been found


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